About Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia

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Inspired by Diversity

The Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3). We are committed to promoting and advancing diversity initiatives to mentor critical care nurses who want to successfully matriculate into graduate nurse anesthesia programs. Additionally, we guide and encourage CRNAs by providing ongoing professional development. We are an inclusive organization that actively mentors diverse registered nurses to increase the nurse anesthesia racial and ethnic representation of the 52,000 members of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists by more than 10 percent. CRNA’s who actively participate in any of our Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program events will be issued AANA Class A or Class B continuing educational credits.

Mission & Strategic Plan

The mission of the Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program is to inform, empower, and mentor underserved diverse populations with information to prepare them for a successful career in Nurse Anesthesia. We, (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists), fulfill our mission by providing annual information sessions/ luncheon programs; anesthesia airway workshops; sponsorships for minority nurse anesthesia students to the Annual AANA Conference; participating in area high school career days; visiting Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Hispanic Serving Institution Schools of Nursing; and, providing an annual graduation celebratory dinner for minority students completing nurse anesthesia programs.

Zafar Anwar SRNA Columbia University
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