And, from an Instagram Post: Two men on a mission to become a doctorate prepared CRNA: Everett Moss (accepted into Emory University), and Chuncey Ward (Union University)

As per Everett: 
First I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. @lenagould. Her work to support and increase #diversity in the CRNA field is phenomenal and through my attendance of the mentor workshop, I met my accepting program director.  Dr. Gould has been a CRNA Mother/Mentor to many of us and your work does not go unnoticed and is appreciated beyond what words can express.  THANK YOU! Next up. I met this guy at the mentor workshop in Augusta last year.  This has to be the smilingest’ cat I know. That being said @nursechuuuncey has been in the trenches working toward his goal to become a future CRNA and currently attends Union University as a #SRNA This brother and I have a few things in common; @lenagould / love of #Jordans / #pearlywhites / and CRNA #GOALS.We have discussed another common interest and that’s showing young men in our communities that HARD WORK AND DEDICATION CAN CHANGE YOUR DESTINATION!! ~ Everett Moss, SRNA 

Special note: This is how the professional socialization start for nurses of color interested in nurse anesthesia, particularly, for Black men. Both of them met at a Diversity CRNA Info Session & Airway Sim Lab at Augusta University. Now, Everett can network with Chuncey and other male nurse anesthesia students from different programs and CRNAs to decrease significantly social isolation and continued Mentorship through their own journey ~ Dr. Lena Gould, EdD, CRNA, FAAN