Angela Pettis

Capt, USAF, NC

Shannon Segres, CRNA, MSN introduced me to Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia back in 2008 before I entered University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) NAP. Who would have known that this organization would inspire me and so many minorities interested in becoming a CRNA. Not only did I benefit from the advice and encouragement from this organization but more importantly it allowed me to become a role model for others. During my first year of school I received the DCANA scholarship for educating students (mostly minorities) at a local community college about Nurse Anesthesia. I also was the student moderator for the Diversity CRNA program at UMB. Despite being the only African American female in my program, I never felt alone. In fact, it motivated me to excel. Thank you Lena for your unwavering dedication and your courageous spirit!!

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