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Check out our new Diversity CRNA Video On Demand Vimeo Channel where you can catch up on some of our latest Zoom events and view them at your leisure. The Diversity CRNA Zoom Information Session in collaboration with Emory University from March 13, 2021 and Samuel Merritt University from August 21, 2021, is currently available. Other past Zoom events will be posted soon. Registrants of each event can view the videos for free and members can receive a discount on the entire set for up to six months. This is a great way to watch what you missed or get more familiar with the topics of interest. Please click here to access the Diversity CRNA Vimeo On Demand Channel and bookmark the page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Greg Markman

SRNA, Nurse Anesthesia Student
Samuel Merritt University

This is long overdue.

My name is Greg Markman and I am currently an SRNA at Samuel Merritt University. I’m here because of the Diversity in CRNA Nurse Mentorship Program. Back in 2015, I was a Nursing Student studying in the library at Samuel Merritt with one of my peers when I ran into one of my advisors and friend, Che Abrams, who asked what I was doing over the summer. I hadn’t a clue but she asked if I was interested in any advanced practice nursing. I said I thought CRNA could be interesting, knowing very little about it. She said I just might know of something coming up here that you should attend. It was the 2015 Diversity in Nurse Mentorship Program at Samuel Merritt University.

It was at that event, as a lowly junior in Nursing School that my journey towards becoming a CRNA started. I was able to meet CRNA’s, SRNA’s, and ICU Nursing attempting to get into the program. I meet Mentors who have been with me ever since, pushing me to make the right decisions and even just checking in to see if I’m okay. I was shown the road map to getting into CRNA school and what it would take to get through.

A few months later on a random weekend in March, my friend and I got a chance to shadow a CRNA I met at the event in the OR in Fresno. I was hooked. That day I was even able to see a CRNA Preceptor working as an SRNA. I was able to see myself one day in that SRNA’s shoes and here I am. 1 month down and 813 days to go, but who’s counting?

In total I attended 3 Diversity in CRNA Nurse Mentorship Program events and each time I attended I learned something new. Trust the process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and energy. I wouldn’t be here without you.


Greg Markman
SRNA Samuel Merritt University Class of 2022


David Moffor

SRNA, Doctorate in Nurse Practice Nurse Anesthesia Student
Old Dominion University
“Without commitment, you will never start. But more importantly, without consistency, you will never finish. It’s not easy…so keep working, keep striving, never give up…see you at work” ~~ Denzel Washington.

ONLINE ZOOM FORMAT: Diversity CRNA Boot Camp – February 6, 2021

Experienced diverse CRNAs have designed a one-day curriculum that will cover anesthesia-related topics. Presentations will cover detailed information about the admissions process, rigors of the program, financial management discussion, anesthesia didactic topics, doctorate scholarly project topics for consideration, introduction to clinical logs, and nurse anesthesia care plans. 

This is for newly accepted nurse anesthesia students, SRNAs currently enrolled in a program, and RNs actively placing applications into a nurse anesthesia program! 

All presentations by experienced diverse CRNAs for this one-day online event! 

For more information on this one-day online Zoom event, please visit

Ready, Set…Diversity CRNA Boot Camp!

Rogel Gonzales

SRNA, University of Miami DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program
“I would like to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. I am a supporter of Diversity CRNA, and I’ve attended the workshop last summer at the University of Miami. That was a great experience for me. I would say that it was a life-changing experience. I learned a lot from the CRNAs, SRNAs, faculty, and from your team. I thought you should be one of the first people to know the great news that I received today. I got accepted to BSN-DNP, Nurse Anesthesia Program at the University of Miami. I have been applying for a year to different programs before I found out about the Diversity CRNA. After attending the workshop, I have learned a lot and met a lot of people who gave me insights into how to strengthen my chances of getting into a program. I also did not have UM on my radar until I attended the workshop and found appreciation of their program. The most significant was knowing that UM pays great importance to diversity. That is important to me. Again, thank you for what you do. May God bless you always and may he give you more strength so that you can continue to help people like me who are dreaming to become a CRNA someday.” – May 13, 2020


On July 2, 2020 – “This July issue of eNewsletter is full of very important information about diversity. You have talked about the historical outcry for justice and equality among people of color. I know change is happening and everybody, especially the minorities in this country will continue this fight until discriminations and prejudices are completely gone.
I thank you for including my story in this month’s eNewsletter. I am honored and humbled. Without Diversity CRNA, I wouldn’t be in the place where I am right now. Being accepted in a program was not easy, but because of what I have learned from the Diversity CRNA workshop, getting the exposure and having a chance to network in this profession through the mentoring program of this organization, I am now 1 step closer to achieving my ultimate goal. I pledge that I will give back, reach out to the people of color, and mentor those who want to become a CRNA. I will continue what CRNA legend, Dr. Goldie Brangman, and yourself have started. Thank you Dr. Gould for what you do, and thank you for making this world a better place.”

Respectfully yours,

Rogel Gonzales BSN, RN, CCRN