The book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks should be required reading assignments in nurse anesthesia programs.

Let’s be honest, if CRNAs and nurse anesthesia students speak to patients every day about informed consent, then we should understand the impact of racial discrimination & exploitation of bioethics. 

I would absolutely love to be invited to speak to any graduate nurse anesthesia program in length about this consequential book as part of their curriculum.
Wallena Gould, EdD, CRNA, FAAN

I applied to a graduate nurse anesthesia program. Now what?

The one last thing you can do after you submit your personal statement with heart, nurse anesthesia application, GRE scores, letters of references and bona fide CCRN credential is to press send on the computer. And, then…
Just tell God about it… 


Love these two…Ahmad and Mohammad

Both of these brothers attended a Diversity CRNA Info Session & Airway Sim Lab Workshops. Samuel Merritt University Nurse Anesthesia Program was their top choice to pursue career. 

Mama, we made it!