Eric N. Dinally

University of Pennsylvania Nurse Anesthesia Program
Class of 2015

After graduating with my BSN, I began exploring which graduate degree would best suit me. I searched the internet, read books and met with various nurse practitioners and nurse managers to explore my options. While researching I stumbled on the profession of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I had a general understanding of the role of a CRNA, however; I was unaware of the process of becoming one. A friend told me to look into the Diversity CRNA Mentorship Program and luckily for me, I did just that.

I attended the Diversity CRNA Information Session & Airway Simulation Lab at the University of Pittsburgh in 2011. I was able to get hands on experience and practice Adult/Pediatric Mask Ventilation, Adult/Pediatric intubation, spinal placement on a lumbar model, Fiber-optic and glide scope intubations and basic review of an Anesthesia Machine. Though I enjoyed having the hands on experience, it was the warm and friendly environment that Dr. Lena Gould and other Diversity CRNA members created that made the lasting impact for me. READ MORE

It was this setting, which made me feel comfortable speaking to Program Directors of various CRNA programs on a one on one basis. It was at this event I was able the meet Chris Giberson, CRNA, MSN (now the current NJANA president) who invited me to go to their next meeting.

As a Registered Nurse, I attended the NJANA Fall Symposium where Dr. Gould who also attended and introduced me to Dr. Arthur Zwerling Chief CRNA at Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) who then invited me to shadow him at FCCC and in which I did. Then, I attended the New York Association of Nurse Anesthetist Meeting in the Fall and met Lynne Reede, CRNA, DNP (AANA Region Director) who embraced me as if I was currently enrolled in a program. A few months later, I applied and was accepted into the University of Pennsylvania Nurse Anesthesia Program and in my opinion it was because of Dr. Gould and Diversity CRNA Mentorship Program. Amazing journey so far…

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