Freddie Chen


SRNA @ Texas Wesleyan University

“I was still in nursing school when I attended a DNAMP event in 2019. “You will see me again!.” I told Dr. Gould, who still inspires me with brief moments filled with words of wisdom- “Choose the program that wants you the most!

As an immigrant from China, the 1st college graduate in my family & member of the LGBTQAI community, the choices I make not only represent who I am but also demonstrate the possibilities for the people like me. Find your drive & seek out mentors! And, I am a proud member of DNAMP!

out, I worked religiously and did whatever I needed to ensure I was the ideal candidate for CRNA school. I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Diversity CRNA Mentorship Conference at VCU last fall, and that experience reinforced my desire to become a CRNA. 

Today, I can proudly attest that I am a product of outstanding mentorship and guidance. There’s a saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” so it’s fair to say that the Diversity CRNA Mentorship Program is our village with countless mentors helping and guiding minorities like me to realize and attain our dreams of becoming a CRNA.”