Diversity CRNA Interview Services

Victor Pareja

The Diversity CRNA Interview Committee services are provided by an all-volunteer committee of diverse CRNAs from across the country.

The Diversity CRNA
Interview Services are designed to help prospective SRNAs in preparing for the CRNA school entrance interview. The methodology involves two stages: basic and advanced.

The Basic Session
exposes the prospect to the question types, examples, and critiques on answers by attendees who volunteered to participate in the simulated interview. A panelist of 2-3 CRNAs also gives tips, advice, and rationales for the questions asked, as well as guidance on how to prepare to answer difficult questions.

The Advanced Matrix Session (only open to former participants of the Basic session) is a simulated interview, where the CRNA panelists engage in the interview process as if it were the actual interview. In this session, the prospect enters the interview and is asked questions. The panelists only give feedback at the end of the interview process. 

It is expected that all attendees dress appropriately and come with the mindset of professionalism, as expected in the real interview process.

Victor D. Pareja, DNP, CRNA
Chair, Diversity CRNA Interview Committee
The Basics

Learn invaluable interviewing tips during our bi-monthly interview preparation and practice sessions. RNs participate in live interview practice sessions and are given a chance to have their answers critiqued by diverse CRNAs. Click here to view our upcoming sessions and to register.

The Advanced Matrix

This advanced matrix interview session is for those that have already participated in a basic session and have or anticipate an upcoming interview.  There will be a limited number of participants to encourage more direct participation and feedback. These sessions will be scheduled quarterly throughout the year. Registration through invitation only.

Ultimate Practice Session

One on One Interview Sessions are only for Diversity CRNA members that have attended at least a group basics interview session and have an interview scheduled with a university.  Appointments are based on Committee Members' availability. Appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must be booked at least 36 hours in advance.  If you meet the criteria, please click here to schedule your appointment.  Only one (1) One-On-One Interview with a CRNA is allowed per member within a six-month period.




Schedule a One On One Interview Practice Session

Are you a Diversity CRNA member and meet the following criteria for a one-on-one interview session?

Attended at least one group Diversity CRNA Interview Basics Session

Current Diversity CRNA Member

Upcoming Interview with a University

If you meet these criteria please click on the calendar icon below to book your appointment.

Only one (1) One-On-One Interview with a CRNA is allowed per member within a six-month period.  Appointments will be canceled for those individuals that do not meet all three criteria.





Diversity CRNA Interview Committee


Dr. Lukeythia Bastardi

Lukeythia Bastardi
DNAP, CRNA, PhD Student

Meschelle Lynch, CRNA

Meshelle Lynch

Nathaly Palacios2

Nathaly Palacios

Victor Pareja

Victor Pareja
Chair, Mock Interview Committee


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Stephen Sanchez


Hear directly from individuals on how the Diversity CRNA Interview Preparation Services has assisted them in reaching their professional goals.





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