Greg Markman

SRNA, Nurse Anesthesia Student
Samuel Merritt University

This is long overdue.

My name is Greg Markman and I am currently an SRNA at Samuel Merritt University. I’m here because of the Diversity in CRNA Nurse Mentorship Program. Back in 2015, I was a Nursing Student studying in the library at Samuel Merritt with one of my peers when I ran into one of my advisors and friend, Che Abrams, who asked what I was doing over the summer. I hadn’t a clue but she asked if I was interested in any advanced practice nursing. I said I thought CRNA could be interesting, knowing very little about it. She said I just might know of something coming up here that you should attend. It was the 2015 Diversity in Nurse Mentorship Program at Samuel Merritt University.

It was at that event, as a lowly junior in Nursing School that my journey towards becoming a CRNA started. I was able to meet CRNA’s, SRNA’s, and ICU Nursing attempting to get into the program. I meet Mentors who have been with me ever since, pushing me to make the right decisions and even just checking in to see if I’m okay. I was shown the road map to getting into CRNA school and what it would take to get through.

A few months later on a random weekend in March, my friend and I got a chance to shadow a CRNA I met at the event in the OR in Fresno. I was hooked. That day I was even able to see a CRNA Preceptor working as an SRNA. I was able to see myself one day in that SRNA’s shoes and here I am. 1 month down and 813 days to go, but who’s counting?

In total I attended 3 Diversity in CRNA Nurse Mentorship Program events and each time I attended I learned something new. Trust the process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and energy. I wouldn’t be here without you.


Greg Markman
SRNA Samuel Merritt University Class of 2022