If there is a will, there is a way ~ My final journey as a University of South Florida nurse anesthesia student…

As per April Morris, SRNA
Today marks the end of a 2.5 year journey through what some would call HELL. I will be honest, I’ve faced the devil on several occasions but he couldn’t overcome the grace that the good Lord instilled in me. I would like to say thank you for all the support that was given over the years even though you had no idea what I’ve endured day in and day out. Most thankful for complete strangers/new friends that believed in something they knew nothing of, believing in me when the fire was dying within. Through this journey, I’ve encompassed so much change. Change that occurred by being placed in ultimately the most uncomfortable circumstances. Physically, mentally and spiritually. But how does the saying go, growth and comfort doesn’t go hand and hand.

And today, I can reflect on it all. Reflect on the strength that perseverance has build within. As I stumbled through, the thing I’ve notice was that the academic process was the least of my worries. What crumbled me the most was relationships that were tested and those that were lost. I felt like I was losing out until I acknowledged that I am a new improved person compared to the woman that entered the journey. And the Lord was getting rid of what wasn’t feeding my soul so I can ultimately carry out his purpose.  Before I started this journey, I had a plan. I carried at that plan step by step. Literally had a notebook and I cherished the small success that came along the way. I felt like it came so easy and it all fell into place and there was no way being a CRNA was not my destiny. I knew God did not get me this far if it wasn’t for me. 

I tell you this so those of you who may be in a bind, a dark place, uncertain about life, a goal, or a dream; keep pushing. You’ll be surprise how great it feels when you reach the finish line/goal. Ultimately you have to remember why. Remember what you’ve overcome previous in life. And most importantly, we are all tough when you give yourself no other options. It is ourselves that can be our biggest barriers and it is ourselves we have to let free of those barriers. I am so blessed. And if it wasn’t for HIM, there wouldn’t be anything to share with you. I am serving his purpose