Irene Tavakoli

BSN, CCRN (Maryland)

I always knew that I wanted to be a CRNA but it seemed impossible to get there. I heard about the Diversity in CRNA Mentorship Program from a coworker and I immediately knew that I had to go. I attended the 2013 Diversity in CRNA Mentorship Program at Pittsburgh University and it is a weekend that I will never forget. Dr. John O’Donnell, the program director of Pittsburgh Nurse Anesthesia Program and Dr. Lena Gould and Mr. John Bing made this experience unforgettable. I got the opportunity to interact with the guest speaker, the AANA President, Dennis Bless CRNA, MS, and practice clinical skills at the Wiser Simulation Lab. I was excited to connect with so many people who all had the same goal and passion as I do- to be a CRNA. I left the first day speechless and excited about what the future holds. I felt like I finally had a chance to make my dreams come true! Thank you Dr. John O’Donnell for hosting the Diversity in CRNA Mentorship Program at your school and thank you Dr. Gould and Mr. Bing for all your help along the way. This journey has been one I will never forget and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

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