Jamare Reed

The University of Southern Mississippi Nurse Anesthesia Program

“Past 10 years I have been working very hard to get to this moment. I finally accomplished a great milestone in my life. Here I come CRNA School. My vision used to be blurry but now I’m able to see. Thank you God for shining on me. I thank everyone who has supported and
encourage me”.

I grew up on food stamps and lived in the hood before taking away from my mom. Grew up in a group home. My teacher told me I was gonna end up dead or in jail. I grew up without a father figure in my life. I wore most of the same clothes from middle school till I graduated. Those are circumstances that I did not let dictate my life. I did not become a product of my environment. Never forget where I come from.”

#diversitycrna #crnamygoal #futurednp #srna #crna #butgod 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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