Rylee Apodaca

SRNA, University of Arizona DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program
Although I didn’t find Diversity CRNA until I was a nurse anesthesia student (SRNA), Diversity CRNA provided me with valued information, connections, and networking opportunities unlike any other event I had attended. Diversity CRNA opened up doors for me I did not even know existed. From meeting hundreds of CRNA’s practicing across the country, to CRNA group owners, professional advocates, political leaders, AANA and NBCRNA board members, Diversity CRNA board members and more.
I gained invaluable information, friendships, and mentorship that not only improved my confidence as an SRNA but helped me transition into my career with an extended network already in place. Through Diversity CRNA events I have made job connections, spoken with individuals who critiqued my curriculum vitae, collaborated with individuals on projects, and built lifelong friendships that reignite at each event.
I found a family within Diversity CRNA and even though the event is geared towards aspiring RN’s, as an SRNA, this is easily one of the most valuable information sessions you can attend. The people you meet at Diversity CRNA Events are sincere, genuine, and there to help you get to where you want to be. I still continue to leave each Diversity CRNA event refreshed and rejuvenated.
Rylee ~
A mentored nurse anesthesia student

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