Tracy Ojeniyi

Graduate of Thomas Jefferson University NAP 2013

My story was a little bit different in the sense that I had not heard about the Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia program before I started my anesthesia program . Had I known, I am sure that my application process and journey to starting my career as a nurse anesthetist could have been a much smoother transition. Within weeks of starting my nurse anesthesia program, I had met several classmates that raved about the program and its founder Dr. Lena Gould, CRNA. They shared with me their personal unique experiences and dealings with the Diversity CRNA program. This inspired me to become involved and spread awareness about the program that I had not get to experience to the fullest upon starting my personal journey. Since getting involved, I have encouraged many others to also get involved and not miss out on the experience that mentorship program can provide. I have been able to act as a mentor to others much like Lena Gould and John Bing have been to me. Being able to pay it forward is the best way to further the mission of such a wonderful organization. Thank you Lena for allowing me to be a part of your ultimate goal of expanding diversity in the
field of anesthesia.

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