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There will be two 2016 Diversity CRNA Information Session & Airway Simulation Lab Workshops in April and June! Please come back in two weeks to learn of location and dates!

Congratulations to Wallena Gould, EdD. CRNA (Founder and CEO, Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorhsip Program) who will be inducted as a 2015 Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing

Cliff Charles, RN, CCRN, CMC recently accepted into the DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program of the University of Maryland, Past Attendee


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Featured Article by Dr. Wallena Gould, CRNA, EdD and Martina Steed, CRNA, MS, PhDc
Improving Diversity in Graduate Nurse Anesthesia Programs

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Featured Article by Dr. Wallena Gould, CRNA, EdD Minority CRNAs and Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists:
Soaring to New Heights with Doctoral Degrees.

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Improving Diversity in Graduate Nurse Anesthesia Programs

Minority CRNAs and Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists: Soaring to New Heights with Doctoral Degrees

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In Memoriam of Art Zwerling, CRNA, DNP, DAAPM

Congratulations to Juan Quintana, DNP, CRNA President, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) www.aana.com

Muchas felicidades Dr. Juan Quintana, I am so honored and proud to have you as the president of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Since the day I met you, you have inspired and encouraged me to be the best. I remember when I shadowed you for a few days you were so motivated and encouraged me to apply to CRNA School. I am so grateful to you for the opportunity, your willingness to help through this journey and time. This is your year; it is going to be a great year for our profession. With your extensive experience and your leadership, I know you will represent all the CRNAs and the SRNAs well. El future de los enfermeros anestesista es brilllante!! Bravo y de nuevo muchas felicidades.

Elsa Rodriguez-Roth, SRNA (University of New England NAP)

Felicidades Dr. Quintana y los mejores deseos por ser nuestro nuevo presidente de la AANA. Gracias por representar a nuestra comunidad y nuestra profesión. Como el primer presidente latino de la AANA usted es una inspiración para los nuevos CRNAs como yo, así como también para los que aspiren a formar parte de esta profesión. Confío ver más avances en nuestra profesión bajo su liderazgo.

Cesar J. Visurraga, CRNA, MSN
CEO, Visurraga Enterprises

Congratulations Dr. Quintana and best wishes on being our new AANA president. Thank you for representing our community and our profession. As the first Latino AANA president, you are an inspiration to new CRNAs like myself and aspiring CRNAs. I look forward to the advancements in our profession under your leadership.

Cesar J. Visurraga, CRNA, MSN
CEO, Visurraga Enterprises, LLC

Muchas felicidades al Dr. Juan Quintana CRNA, I'm honored to have you as our Presidente of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists and I'm also excited to become a CRNA on the same year as your presidency. We have a bright future ahead of us. This is going to be a great year for our profession, you are a great example that no matter where you are coming from or culture we can do great things for our society, for our profession. I ask God to give you the strength, wisdom, and guidance for this year as our PRESIDENTE. I know we have a lot of challenges in our profession but with you experience, leadership and loyalty to our profession WE are going to succeed. EL FUTURO DE LOS ENFERMEROS ANESTESISTA (CRNA's) ES BRILLANTE.

Alex Mendoza SRNA Class of 2015 Florida International University Nurse Anesthesia Program

Enhorabuena Senor Presidente!!!! Hello Juan, we are really honored to have you serve as the president to the organization we proudly identify ourselves with. I remember having met you through a mutual friend and colleague Dr Lena Gould when you where campaigning for the position. I was a SRNA then and I told you that you would have my vote if students could vote… nevertheless I spoke with my professors in Puerto Rico about you and with the CRNAs on the island, and here we are two years later. I know is going to be a great run with you at helm. You have the smarts, the charisma and the ability to make decisions for the better good of our profession. I am proud to have you as my voice, as our voice, as the voice of our organization. As you so often say “El Futuro los CRNAs es brillante”. Blessings my friend.

Daniel Vera, CRNA Graduate of Inter American University of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Juan Quintana,

I had the pleasure to meet you at the Memphis Student Nurse Anesthetist Foundation in May. I am so proud to have you as our AANA president. I must say that it means so much for a Hispanic leader represent our profession, it is truly an honor. It is with deep appreciation that you have accepted this position and know you will do great things. Our future as CRNAs is brilliant and very encouraging. Thank you for all of your work in our promising field. Vaya con dios! Muchas Gracias,

Stacey M. Ortiz, BS, RN, BSN, CCRN, SRNA
Union University DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program

Dear President Quintana,

Words can't express how remarkable it is to have you as our new leader! You have given minorities the hope and aspiration to succeed in an unfamiliar world. Many of us, if not all, embark on the path to become anesthesia providers without any support & direction. This journey is often times very lonely. But it is because of individuals like you, Dr. Gould and Mr. Bing that we find the focus and determination to not only make it through anesthesia school but to also become future leaders in our profession. For that we will be eternally grateful!

Thank you, Ana Mejia, SRNA Samuel Merritt University. Program of Nurse Anesthesia.

Estimado Presidente Quintana,

Las Palabras no pueden expresar lo notable que es tenerlo a usted como nuestro de nuevo Líde ! Usted nos ha dado, las minorias, la esperanza y la aspiración de tener èxito en un mundo desconocido. Muchos de nosotros , si no todos, nos embarcamos en el camino de convertirse en proveedores de anestesia sin ningún apoyo o dirección . Este viaje es uno muy solitario . Pero es una causa de las personas como usted , la Dra. Gould y el Sr. Bing que nos encontramos con el enfoque y determinacion , no solo por hacerlo a través de la escuela de anestesia sino también pára convertirnos en futuros líderes en nuestra profesión . Por eso vamos a estar eternamente agradecido !

Gracias, Ana Mejía , SRNA Universidad Samuel Merritt University Program of Nurse Anesthesia

Congratulations, Dr. Quintana I am proud as a fellow Latino to see you as AANA president. I am confident you will unite our association, and bring our members together. I wish you Mucha suerte.

Dr. Jorge Valdes, CRNA
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Barry University Nurse Anesthesia Program

A sinceras felicitaciones Juan Quintana ! Espero que el año que viene bajo su liderazgo ! El futuro de CRNAs nunca ha sido más brillante de lo que está a punto de ser! A heartfelt congratulations Juan Quintana! I look forward to the coming year under your leadership! The future of CRNAs has never been brighter than it's about to be!

Michelle Gonzalez, CRNA, PhD(c)
Clinical Instructor and Simulation Coordinator
Nurse Anesthesia Specialty
University of Maryland DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program

I am proud of all the accomplishments that Dr. Juan Quintana CRNA, MHS, DNP has done. As the new President of the AANA he is a role model to all CRNAs and Nurse Anesthesia Students.

Omar Jimenez, SRNA
Universiy of Pittsburgh Nuse Anesthesia Program

Felicidades Dr. Juan Quintana on your new appointment as AANA President. You have been and continue to be, and inspiration to all Latina/o CRNAs, SRNAs, and RNs to pursue a career in nurse anesthesia.

Eres una voz importante en nuestra comunidad y una que está siendo escuchado. Buena suerte.

Joseph Ortega, CRNA, MSN
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dr Quintana is a forerunner in the profession of nursing and anesthesia. His extensive work in health care policy and economics has made a substantial impact on anesthesia delivery, and his independent practice as a nurse anesthetist demonstrates his personal commitment to patient safety. For me, he is a role model and mentor.

Joe Rodriguez, CRNA, MSN
Managing Partner
Arizona Anesthesia Services

Felicidades Juan!!! I met you at the DNAMP workshop at Duke University in 2012 when you were the AANA Region 1 Director. You inspired me to be the best I could be and show the world the great things Latinos can do! I am so honored and proud to become a CRNA on the same year as your presidency. You will bolster our profession to an entirely new level and you will do it with great finesse. I know that under your leadership Juan....el futuro delos CRNAs sera muy brilliante!!! Que dios le bendiga!!

Britany Donaghy, CRNA, MSN
Graduate of Wake Forest University Nurse Anesthesia Program

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